hi i'm elle is ur bed made? is ur sweater on? do u love this shit? are u high right now? do u ever get nervous? are u single? i heard u fucked ur girl is it true?

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Anonymous: ❝Do you have a twitter?? :)❞

i’m quite emotional rn because i used to have this anon who asked me like twice a week whether i had a twitter or not and they’d always check up on me to see if i’d got one yet and i’d always be like ‘hahah no dunno how to use it xoxo’ and they’d be like ‘pLEASE GET ONE’ and it was so nice to have that kind of attention because ultimately i am the biggest attention-seeker ever always have been always will be but i haven’t heard from them in a while and they obviously gave up on me and my failed twitter ventures so with this message you’ve just brought back all those pent up feelings of rejection and loss towards my twitter anon because i never did get a twitter and they never speak to me anymore so wow this got intense but hahah no sorry i don’t have a twitter idk how to use it xoxo

Posted: 1 year ago on Feb 10,2013 at 10:25 PM
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  1. grimmsy said: omfg i don’t know how to use twitter either. i thought i was the only one. like i don’t eve. i want to but i just…
  2. danielcraigs said: aren’t my tweets to harry a good enough example for u on how to use twitter???
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